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Beware of the Rogues

Beware of the Rogues

We have recently become aware that there is a scam going around where an individual who has recently had a County Court Judgment (CCJ) receives a phone call from an alleged Bailiff who is pretending to work on behalf of The Northampton County Court.

All judgments entered are a matter of public record and therefore the information about whom has had a judgment against them is freely available.

The purported Bailiff calls and says that he will be attending the premises in a number of hours and that he is phoning to take a card payment to clear the judgment.  Of course, the payment is taken but this does not clear the judgment as this is merely an opportunist third party who is pocketing the proceeds.

We first became aware of this in what we believed to be a ‘one off’ last year, but in fact owing to our membership of the Civil Court Users Association, we have become aware that this is a much bigger fraud.  The purported Bailiff goes by the name of John Foster and it is very important to know there is a certified Bailiff who is called John Foster who is not involved at all in this matter.

Should you receive any call in relation to a judgment then we advise you to pick up the phone and speak to us to obtain immediate legal advice as to what options you have.

We also offer credit monitoring services as part of our monthly retainers so please contact us for further information if this is of interest.

Martin Kingman