Legal compliance is the process for ensuring that an organisation follows relevant laws, regulations, and business rules. The definition of legal compliance, especially in the context of corporate legal departments, has recently been expanded to include understanding and adhering to ethical codes within entire professions too. It is vitally important that the law is obeyed, and governance is adhered to. If you would like any help or guidance on whether your organisation is legally compliant then please contact us.

Audit Reviews

Compliance audit reviews are used to examine an organisation’s process and procedures. These reviews are in accordance with International Standards (ISOs) or could be part of contractual agreements or government or scheme regulation. Compliance reviews expose any potential problem areas that present the possibility of fines and litigation. Compliance audit reviews provide assurance that rules are adhered to and show any areas of improvement as well as highlighting best practice.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis involves determining, documenting, and improving the difference between business requirements and its current performance. Gap analysis naturally flows from benchmarking and from other assessments. It is a useful tool to show companies what they need to do to achieve compliance in a chosen area. If you are planning to implement a system to enhance your current performance, then this is an area where we can assist. If you wish to close the gap methodically, and regularly measure your progress then let our experts provide a helping hand. Graphing the gap on where you are against where you want to be provides you with a visual way of tracking progress over time toward your goal.


An external audit is the final stage before you become certified. An external auditor will visit your organisation and will confirm if you have met the requirements for your chosen scheme. If you are looking at implementing a ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 or 27001 system you need to engage with a UKAS accredited Certification body to arrange for them to audit you. ISO accreditation certification can be a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers. For some industries, certification is a legal or contractual requirement. If you would like to discuss more please contact us.

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