Safeguard your business

Make sure your interests are fully protected with a legally binding, professionally drafted contract. A legally drafted contract is not a legal requirement, but it is a valuable business tool that minimises your risk and removes any room for misunderstandings. Our contracts are tailored to your business and your needs. We draft a wide range of different commercial agreements – from shareholder agreements to severance agreements, where parties are not continuing in business together. We can also review your current contracts to make sure they still provide the right information and terms and provide a commentary on contracts service to ensure you understand your obligations and liabilities in plain English.

Terms of Business

Business clarity

Terms of business are a standard set of conditions that establish how you want to conduct your business. Putting your business relationships in writing gives you some protection and makes it clear exactly what both parties are agreeing to. It is imperative to include your terms of business with any quotes, so your clients fully understand your business relationships from the start and before any contract is legally formed. We work with you to identify the key commercial risks for your business and tailor the terms to protect your interests and minimise your risks. Prices start from just £1295 for a bespoke set of terms for your business. Talk to us today about clarifying your business terms. Our bespoke drafted terms make a great platform for us to use to commence debt recovery action on your behalf if required.

Take our terms of business self-assessment to see if we can help you.

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