Our Principles

We have adopted the FCA’s 11 Principles for Business.

These are our cornerstone values by which we will always operate


Our integrity is paramount to what we do, as a professional firm governed by a professional conduct body, we understand that our integrity is what assist us in serving our clients by knowing that we are always truthful and honest with them and all parties. We will follow additional guidelines as laid out in our policies when dealing with vulnerable customers.

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In addition to our integrity, we will always act with skill, care and diligence. As professionals governed by a professional body we have requirements to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure we maintain our skills and professional knowledge. We endeavour to act win an efficient, diligent and careful manner. We hold extensive professional indemnity insurance as a responsible professional firm, so you can be reassured in the unlikely event that you need to rely upon this.


We strike to to take the upmost care in organisational and controlling of our affairs in a responsible and effective manner. We maintain the highest risk control measures to ensure our systems exceed your expectations.

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We promise that we will maintain adequate financial resources within the firm so you can be confident of our longevity and durability.


As a professional firm we will always adopt best practice, observe and adhere to the standards of market conduct and the rules of the court including the Civil Procedure Rules.

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As a trusted adviser to our clients, it is in our corporate DNA to ensure that we treat customers’ (and debtors) fairly and considering their interests when advising.


We cannot hope to meet and exceed client expectations without communicating openly and by being accessible to them. We will always communicate in plain English with all parties either in written or oral formats. We will also ensure that we use technology wherever possible to ensure that we also accessible in a timely fashion. We promise all our communications will be clear, fair and not misleading.

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As a trusted adviser to our clients, it is likely that from time to time potential Conflicts of Interest may arise. We will handle these in a professional fair and reasonable manner and advise both parties if appropriate.


We will always ensure we take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of its advice and discretionary decisions for any customer who is entitled to rely upon its judgment.

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debt collection medway


As a professional, trusted adviser to our clients, we will always ensure we have adequate protection for our client’s assets that we hold; backed up with a suitable insurance, so you can have complete confidence.


We will always ensure we deal with regulators and professional bodies in an open and co-operative way. We will always disclose to the appropriate regulator anything relating to the firm of which that regulator would reasonably expect notice in a timely fashion.

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We are experts in both UK and International Debt Recovery. We recover sums from across the globe for all types of businesses.