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Debt Recovery and Enforcement

We provide you with specialist advice and collect your money both in England and Wales and across the globe. We are experienced in worldwide recoveries and we can collect your money regardless of the location or legal jurisdiction. With access to our secure portal 24/7 you can provide us with instructions to start getting the money you are owed without delay.

Credit Control / Risk Management

We provide you with processes and procedures to eliminate reasons for you not being paid by either supporting your existing team or providing you with an outsourced credit control service. We also provide you with financial data to proactively protect your business and manage your risks. Your processes can be dove-tailed into our systems to provide a seamless hassle-free service to ensure you are getting paid in a timely manner.

Insolvency and Restructuring

We simplify complex insolvency issues and provide you with clear concise advice using language that you will understand. We know that you will be unsure about what is best to do and we become your trusted advisor to guide and support you on every step of the process. We have vast experience of providing this specialist advice to directors, creditors and administrators/liquidators and Trustees in Bankruptcy.

Compliance and Regulatory

Are you brilliant at running your business technically but does the thought of undertaking regulatory and compliance work fill you with dread and frustration? You can engage with us to solve your issues as we understand how you feel and can help take away those worries. We have experience of legal, compliance and auditing work from ISO to RISQS, to Building Confidence to FORS. Contact us to see how we can provide you with a complete solution.

Terms and Contract Drafting

So many times it’s the same old story – shutting the door after the horse has bolted. Terms and conditions can provide you with protection and peace of mind that if something goes wrong you have a cover. So many times we see people stealing bits from here and there and cobbling together a set of terms which provide a false sense of security.  We draft bespoke terms as well as specific contracts tailored to your requirements and processes so they are entirely fit for purpose. Commentary on contracts you receive is also a useful service to turn legal jargon into plain English.