As an accountant running a busy practice you spend your time advising on the finances of other businesses and occasionally neglect the finances of your own.  We work with many different firms of accountants to ensure that they are protected from this by acting as an outsource credit control and recovery department.  We are also used to working alongside accountants with their clients to assist the cash flow for their clients as a benefit of collaborative working so that we also become an extension of a client’s credit control function so that this adds value to the accounting advice received.  As with any professional service firm we understand the importance of getting paid on time and also the need to get paid whilst preserving relationships.  We are experts at doing this and you should contact us today to see how we can help you.


We act for a number of bookkeepers and work in conjunction with them and their clients to collect monies due to the end client.  This makes a great added value product to the bookkeeper as not only are they maintaining books they are also undertaking the credit control and then getting paid in a timely fashion which more than pays for their fees.  We undertake work on a retainer basis as this is a case by case basis as required to ensure that we are meeting your needs.


We act for a large number of business consultants and coaches who have outstanding fees for work undertaken.  We deal with their clients’ in a compassionate and proactive way to ensure that they are paid in a timely fashion as we understand that many consultants are not part of a large corporate body but in fact sole traders and small limited companies where the cash flow is absolutely vital to their survival and meeting their families requirements.  Contact us for further information.

Credit Controllers

We act with credit controllers to act as an extension of their credit control company to either provide specialist advice in relation to one offs but also to provide training and debt recovery services to ensure that their teams are at the top of their game with the latest in legal and practical experience.  You should contact us today to see how we can add value to your team.

Funeral Directors

We act for a large number of funeral directors and we understand that collecting outstanding balances in the circumstances requires compassion, understanding and empathy whilst at the same time being effective in actually recovering the sums outstanding.  We often liaise with law firms and other advisors in relation to probate to ensure that where appropriate we have negotiated undertakings with them to ensure that debts are paid from the proceeds of any sale before any distribution to any beneficiaries.  If you are a funeral director who has outstanding balances, please call us today to discuss how we may be able to assist you in clearing your outstanding balances.


We act for many car factor parts companies and motor garages to ensure that any outstanding invoices they have to get paid on time.  We understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of the business and that the client needs to get paid.  We have particular specialisms in dealing with diagnostic works where the solution to the problem is often not known and is intermittent so therefore difficult to replicate and occasionally client expectations of what should be done do not match the reality of what was needed to be done.  We deal with these matters in a swift but fair way to ensure you are getting paid in a timely fashion.


We act for a number of care homes and other medical companies within the health sector to ensure that they are paid.  Again in relation to a care home, this is work that needs to be carried out with due sensitivity and with empathy as it can be a very emotional time for the family and being chased for outstanding invoices adds to a lot of the worry and stress.  We try and alleviate this and ensure that a sensible solution is achieved without adding to the distress whilst at the same time also making sure that our clients are getting paid in full for the work they have undertaken and for the ongoing work. We liaise with law firms to seek undertakings where there is a sale of the property going through to secure the sums due to our client once this property has proceeded without the need to place legal charges on this.

Insolvency Practitioners

We act for a large number of insolvency practitioners where we are happy to collect book debts on a no recovery no fee basis.  We still, of course, ask for any disbursements to be paid for in advance but there are no up-front fees in respect of our charges.  We also assist Insolvency Practitioners with undertaking actions for misfeasance, wrongful trading and where it is justification to pursue delinquent directors to hold them accountable for their actions whilst they were running a company in order to receive money for the creditors as a whole.  We also undertake a lot of work in relation to section 216 of the Insolvency Act allowing purchasers of insolvent companies to reuse company names and we have particular experience in doing this.  If you are an Insolvency Practitioner you should contact us to see how we can help you.

Insurance Brokers

We act for many insurance brokers in the sector collecting outstanding commercial and personal debts due under invoices.  Many of the debts we collect on behalf of insurance companies and via their brokers is in relation to the time on cover charge where a policy has been agreed to be paid by instalments and this has failed to materialise and the policy has been cancelled but there is a residual time on balance charge which is due.  We have a lot of experience of collecting this type of debt and you should contact us today if we can assist you in this regard.  We also have a lot of experience of dealing with insurance companies to ensure that any outstanding insurance claims get dealt with quickly and efficiently and we have a number of partner organisations who can assist us in this process.


We are very proud to act for a manufacturers in the country, manufacturing everything from Formula One car parts to film production to pet products and heavy engineering works.  We understand that supply chain management is key as is getting paid in a timely fashion for work that has been undertaken.  We understand just in time processes and the need for stage payments to be made on time or the detrimental impact this can have to schedules.  We assist you in retrieving money where it is due in a timely fashion to ensure that production is not halted and your business runs as smoothly as possible.


We act for many different types of commercial property and quantity surveyors to ensure that they are getting commercial rents paid and also getting paid for any construction work undertaken.  We understand the requirements of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the powers that are available in relation to Pay Less Notices we can help guide you through the myriad of legislation to make this complex topic straightforward.  We also provide a detailed commentary on specific contracts such as JCT and NEC to ensure that you and your staff understand exactly what obligations you have under these type of contacts where you can otherwise find yourself liable for nasties hidden in the small print. If this is of interest please contact us for further information.

Veterinary Surgeons

We act for a large number of veterinary surgeons collecting outstanding balances for treatment carried out on animals.  This can be very emotive and sensitive work and we approach this with the required empathy and understanding whilst also getting the client paid in a timely fashion.  As a neutral third party the outsourcing of these types of matters can often take any emotion out of the scenario  and therefore diffuse any situation. We understand that many veterinary practices do a large deal of out of hours work where taking instantaneous payment is not practicable and therefore we help to ensure that you get paid in a timely fashion for the emergency service you provide.

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